[EN] About Worlds Front suspension

The Worlds front suspension has already been well-received by many but limited users, but due to issues with the development of multiple models and the supply of parts, it is made-to-order.

Orders can be placed via Facebook Messenger or Email (sagamircfab@gmail.com). We currently have the following line-up, but we also accept special orders.

Depending on the specifications, a full set will cost between 12,000 yen and 14,000 yen. If there is no particular request, we will deliver it partially assembled.

We also sell parts individually or in combination upon request. For example, in the case of Team Bomber AK12 or Morotech HR12R users, aluminum steering arms and pivots can be diverted, so it can be configured at a low cost.

The specifications of the lower arm, height spacer, and upper brace are different for each car, but other parts are common. The color of the aluminum upper block can be selected from black and red. The color of aluminum knuckle is black only.

1. CRC CK25 and Fenix Reference

There are 1-piece type (for CK25AR only) and 2-piece type (for pro strut suspension). The 2-piece type can also be used for CK25AR.

2. Destiny DTY12・VD12 (38.5mm pitch, such as Associated 12R5, Kyosho Plazma, etc.)

3. XRAY X12 (from 2021 to 2023)

4. Team Bomber AK12, AK12X

The steering arm and pivots in the photo are made by Team Bomber.

5. Morotech HR12R

Please prepare the lower arm mounting parts separately.

An exapmle of parts list 

 "Worlds" front end set for DTY12 (38.5mm pitch)
  Name specification p/c
1 Carbon lower arm CFRP 2.5mm 2
2 Aluminum upper block 7075T6 2
3 Titanium turnbackle L=14  2
4 Lower pivot socket Φ8, Plastic 2
5 O ring ID=6 2
6 Pivot ball Φ6、plastic or brass 4
7 Upper eyelet Plastic 2
8 Aluminum steering arm 7075T6, Black anodized 2
9 Set screw M3x3 2
10 King pin 1/8 inch 2
11 Button head screw M3x8 4
12 Flat head screw M3x8 2
13 Aluminum flat washer M3 2
14 E ring 2.5mm 2
15 King pin spacer 1.5mm thick, plastic 2
16 Ride height spacer Aluminum, 5mm thick 4
18 Carbon cross brace CFRP 1.0mm 1