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Awesomatix A12用新製品追加! New parts for Awesomatix A12

(English follows)


1)AW-028 & AW-029 Side stiffener t=1.0 and t=1.5 

A12キットに付属するサイドステフナー(A12-AM1205)の代わりに取り付けることにより、ピッチング剛性が増すとともにステアリングレスポンスが向上します。1.5 mm厚は1.0 mm厚よりも剛性が高くなります。



2)AW-030: 3D printed bumper V2



We have added 3 new products for A12.

1) AW-028 & AW-029 Side stiffener t=1.0 and t=1.5

By installing it instead of the side stiffener (A12-AM1205) included in the A12 kit, pitching rigidity is increased and steering response is improved.   1.5 mm increases the stiffness more than 1.0 mm.

Adjustments by the position of set screws and the degree of tightening are no longer necessary, simplifying the setting.

2) AW-030

Compared to the best-selling AW-001, it has been made lighter and has a structure that is tightened together with the body post, so the bumper will not be dislocated in the event of a crash.