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Awesomatix A12用新製品追加!
New item for Awesomatix A12!

Awesomatix A12はクラッシュ時などにステアリングアームがサーボプレートに干渉してカーボンがささくれてしまい、頻繁に交換が必要となっています。

Awesomatix A12's steering arm interferes with the servo plate in the event of a crash, causing the damage to the carbon, requiring frequent replacement.



The newly released carbon lower arm V2 and servo plate V2 solve these problems.

The servo plate has a short span, and by attaching a short post as a steering stopper to the conventional mounting hole, the steering arm is less likely to interfere with the servo plate.




The carbon lower arm V2 has a thickness of 3.0mm and a wheelbase of -1.5mm, and is compatible with the standard one of the kit.

Servo plate V2 has improved rigidity by making it 2.5mm thick.

At the same time, we have revised our prices to make them even more affordable.

AW-033: Carbon Lower arm V2 for A12 (-1.5mm)

AW-034: Servo plate V2 for A12 (for Sanwa and AGFRC)