AK12/AK12X用ローロールセンターキット新発売! Low roll center kit for AK12/AK12X!

Team Bomber製AK12およびAK12Xに対応するローロールセンター(LRC)コンバージョンキットを発売いたしました。



組立ておよび調整方法についてはSRF Blogをご参照ください。


We have released a low roll center (LRC) conversion kit compatible with Team Bomber's AK12 and AK12X.

By lowering the roll center compared to the standard kit specification, rear stability is improved.

This is a set of front and rear pivot mounts, dedicated lower braces, and spacers. Please prepare the ball stud and spacer for stud position adjustment by yourself.

Please refer to the SRF Blog for assembly and adjustment instructions.

At the same time, we also released a single pivot mounts and a single lower brace. Please consider using it as a spare part or for your own use.

1) BO-014 : LRC conversion kit for AK12/AK12X

2) BO-011 : LRC center pivot (chassis side) for AK12/AK12X

3) BO-012 : LRC center pivot (lower brace side) for AK12/AK12X

4) BO-013 : Lower brace for LRC center pivot for AK12/AK12X