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アルミサーボホーンType-B新発売! New Aluminum Servo Horn Type-B!


We have released a new aluminum servo horn Type-B (XR-007). The mounting surface of the ball stud is offset by 5mm from the standard type servo horn (XR-006). As XR-006, it is applicable for XRAY servo saver (#372503).

Awesomatix A12を6mmショートホイールベース仕様とした場合でも、シャーシ側の加工をすることなく、タイロッドの角度(アッカーマン)を最適に調整することが可能です。

When the Awesomatix A12 has a 6mm short wheelbase specification, it is possible to optimally adjust the tie rod angle (Ackermann) without modification of chassis.


When installing relatively large servos such as those made by KO or Futaba in CRC, XRAY, etc., there are cases where the servo interferes with the lower arm and cannot be located forward.  This servo horn allows only the linkage to move forward, so optimization of Ackermann is possible.


In addition to the above applications, in combination with XR-006, it contributes to the optimization of the steering linkage for various car models.