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Schumacher Eclipse用Hop-up parts3点追加!:New parts for Schumacher Eclipse!

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Schumacher Eclipse 3/4用の新商品を追加しました。

SC-008: Flex rear spring hanger (2.0mm)

SC-009: Flex rear brace (1.5mm)

SC-010: Flex rear brace (1.0mm)



New Hop-up parts for Schumacher Eclipse 3/4

These are parts that adjust the rigidity of the rear motor pod. Especially in Eclipse4, the thickness of the lower brace is increased and thus the rigidity is increased, but in the situation where the track grip is not so high, rear slide at the corner entrance or when powering on tends to occur.

By slightly reducing the rigidity of the motor pod, the traction of rear pod is improved and the rear slide is suppressed. You can adjust the rigidity to meet your expectation by combining 3 types of parts.