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Awesomatix A12用パーツ8点追加しました!|Addition of hop-up parts for Awesomatix A12!

(English follows)

Awesomatix A12用のフロントサスアーム関連部品を新発売します。



AW-008: Flex lower arm set for Awesomatix (Sanwa, t=2.5mm)

AW-009: Flex lower arm set for Awesomatix (KO, t=2.5mm)


AW-013: Flex lower arm Awesomatix (t=2.5mm)

AW-012: Flex lower arm Awesomatix (t=3.0mm)


AW-010: Carbon front brace for Awesomatix (t=2.0)

AW-011: Carbon shims for Awesomatix (t=0.5)


AW-014: Servo plate for flex lower arm for Sanwa

AW-015: Servo plate for flex lower arm for KO



The A12 is characterized by very sharp steering response, but it may be too responsive or sometimes twitchy especially at high bite track. The parts released this time lowers the rigidity of the lower arm and makes the steering characteristics milder than the standard components, and the car will turn more circular. Furthermore, the rigidity around the front arm can be adjusted by changing the position of the post of the servo plate.