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新製品3点追加しました! 3 new products added!

1) AC-007 : Carbon servo tray for Sanwa 


By laying it under the servo, the height of the servo is optimized and the servo horn is prevented from protruding from the underside of the chassis. In the case of a floating servo mount, it can be used to lower the servo position.


2) XR-005 : Lower arm stiffener

XRAY X12 (2021/2022)、 Awesomaix A12、Schumacher Eclipse 3/4のキングピン下側に取り付けることで、カーボンロアアームが破損しにくくなります。

By attaching it to the underside of the kingpin of XRAY X12 (2021/2022), Awesomaix A12, or Schumacher Eclipse 3/4, the carbon lower arm is less likely to be damaged.


3) AW-018 : Low height servo mount, 10mm for Awesomatix A12


Servo mount post for servos with a thickness of about 15 mm, such as KO.