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ヒロボー阿修羅Ⅱ用 互換部品発売開始! Parts for HIROBO Ashura 2







We will release compatible parts for Ashura II, which was released by Hirobo Co., Ltd.

Hirobo Co., Ltd. has no plans to sell spare parts except for the wheels, so some people may be hesitant to purchase the kit.

At SRF, we have released parts that are compatible with the kit standard products, making use of our experience in developing Ashura II.

Please note that the materials and the manufacturing process may differ from Hirobo's genuine parts. First of all, we released parts that are sometimes broken in the event of a crash. If there is a demand in the future, we will expand the lineup.

At the same time, we also released a 3D bumper for Ashura II, so we hope you will consider it as well.

Ashura II compatible parts list